Teacher of the Year

Procedures for Nomination and Selection

A future IFLTA “Teacher of the Year” must first be nominated to (and then selected by) the appropriate constituent organization before being considered for IFLTA’s “Teacher of the Year” award. Below are the procedures and deadlines for making a nomination, regardless of the nominee’s world language or level of instruction.


Overview of the Nomination Procedures


* The Rising Star winners are recognized by IFLTA and at the conference, but are not eligible for the overall IFLTA Teacher of the Year.

To be considered for the overall IFLTA Teacher of the Year, nominees must have 8+ years of experience. 

Nomination Forms and Deadlines

2024 Guidelines for Teacher of the Year

ToY Procedures for Nomination and Selection 2024

Member Nomination Form – For IFLTA members to complete and send to the constituent organization’s president. Nominations are not restricted to people in your own world language - consider nominating an outstanding colleague who teaches a different language!

Deadline: Submit this completed form to the appropriate language chapter's president by the end of March.

Chapter Nomination Form – For chapter president to send to IFLTA

Deadline: Submit this completed form to the ToY Committee Chair by the last Friday in April at TOY@iflta.org

Guidelines for Preparing the Portfolio and Deadline

Nominees for “Teacher of the Year” who have been selected by their constituent organization may prepare a portfolio for submission to IFLTA. Only then will s/he be considered for an IFLTA “Teacher of the Year” award. Guidelines for preparation of that portfolio are in the link below.

Portfolio guidelines

Deadline: Portfolios must be submitted by last Friday in July. Failure to observe this deadline may result in disqualification.

Candidates must email their portfolio to the IFLTA ToY Committee Chair as a PDF email attachment to the following address:  TOY@iflta.org

A list of past Teacher of the Year winners can be found in the Conference Archives.