IFLTA Membership Benefits

  • Expand your content and pedagogy knowledge: Attending our cost-friendly fall or spring conferences, participating in a webinar, engaging in our social media platforms or even observing a board meeting can broaden your expertise and help you stay current with developments, trends, and materials within the field. Most of these experiences can also be turned into valuable PGPs for obtaining or renewing your teaching license.

  • Network with educators from all levels and locations: Use IFLTA to build connections with other instructors from all corners of Indiana and the globe who teach the same or even different language(s) than you do. The IFLtA community is a great place to share ideas, materials, strategies, and experiences as well as find excellent resources and expertise. Membership entitles you to join our Same Interest Discussion Circles both during and outside of the conference.

  • Career opportunities: Check out job listings either on the IFLTA website or within the organization's social media feeds to find a position that is right for you. Ask your colleagues about available positions or post openings that you know of to spread the word!

  • Find new friends: There isn't a better place to find new friends who truly can understand and support you through the ins and outs of teaching a world language than in a group of world language teachers! The network of IFLTA educators is a great place to find like-minded, caring professionals who can grow to become life-long friends.

  • Mentorship: Contact the Mentoring Committee to search for a mentor who can support you through the challenges at the start your career or consider giving back to the profession by offering your time and talents to a new teacher.

  • Grants and scholarships: Apply for a stipend to offset the cost of attending the conference or for financial assistance in pursuing a project or event at your school.

  • Awards: Nominate a colleague or be nominated for IFLTA's Teacher of the Year or one of many Global and Multil-IN-gual awards.

  • Advocacy: Learn about local, state, and national initiatives that could affect your classroom and find simple tips and information for how you can become an advocate yourself.

  • Leadership: Develop your leadership abilities by presenting a session or workshop at the fall or spring conference or share your skills via an IFLTA-sponsored webinar. Consider serving on the Executive Board, on a committee, or even as a regional or building representative to provide fresh and innovative ideas to the board.

  • Make your voice count: Members in good standing are entitled to nominate officers and vote in all elections to determine the direction of the organization.

  • Be energized and excited: Join today to make the most of the professional and personal opportunities that IFLTA can provide!

Become a member today!

If you register to attend the IFLTA Fall Conference you are automatically a member of IFLTA and do not need to complete the membership form separately. Your conference registration fee includes your annual membership fee.

To register as an IFLTA member without attending the conference please mail this membership form along with your check to:

PO Box 492
Indianapolis, IN 46206