Language Advocacy Day FAQ


Anyone can attend Language Advocacy Day (LAD). The official delegate from IFLTA to JNCL is Megan Worcester (Advocacy Chair), but she cannot get into every office. So the more that attend LAD the more Representative Offices we can gain access to!


We have 15-20 minute meetings with Congressional staffers (or occasionally the actual Congressperson) to explain what we need for them to do. We are given "asks" by JNCL that we push with regard to how they will help our district. The more they know about how it helps their district the better!


It is currently a virtual event with our legislators in Washington, D.C.


Early February every year, with other webinars throughout the year.

You will need to take off ONE day to attend the meetings with the legislators. The Thursday of the 3 day event is the only day you need to be available during the school day.


We push for funding initiatives as well as various Acts at the Federal Government level that put an emphasis on World Language Education and a multilingual workforce.

How much?

You will need to pay or secure funding for both the Language Advocacy Day as well as one substitute for the Thursday events. The price of LAD varies due to Early Bird registration. See the JNCL website for current prices.

Still undecided?

Contact Megan Worcester ( with any further questions you have or to organize a call so she can talk you through the meetings.

The first meeting can be intimidating, but Megan and others will be there with you as you learn the ropes and take steps to advocating by yourself!!