Spring Conference 2021

2021 IFLTA Pam Gemmer Spring Conference -FREE

Friday, April 9 - Saturday, April 10

Virtual Platform: Whova

National Keynote Speakers: Frances Moore Lappé and David Oxtobi

Beyond the Indiana Boundaries Keynote Speaker:

Amy Murray, 2021 ACTFL National WL Teacher of the Year Finalist. Spring Valley High School, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brought to you by IFLTA, ACTFL and the Indiana Language Roadmap.

Indiana Distinguished Keynote Speaker: Martha Nyikos, IUB School of Education

IN and Beyond Boundaries Panel: Multil-IN-gual and Mult-IN-cultural Indiana

(Learn more about how to engage teachers and students with Indiana organizations)

  • Cole Varga, Exodus Refugee Immigration

  • Susan Tomlinson: Indiana Sister Cities

  • Janet Harris: Indiana Council on World Affairs

  • Amy Shackeford: Immigrant Welcome Center

Indiana Featured Presenters:

Yi-Fan Lin (2020 CLTA IN Rising Star)

Lane Sorensen (2020 AATG IN Rising Star)

Melinda Bowman (2020 AATG IN High School Teacher of the Year)

Ana Boman (2019 IFLTA College Teacher of the Year)

Pilar Lara (Embassy of Spain)

Chunmei Guan (2021 IFLTA Fall Conference Chair/ IFLTA 1st Vice President)

Ye Sun (CLTA Past President)

Megan Beckman (ICC Past President)

Chin-Sook Pak (2020 IFLTA All-Teacher of the Year)

Vesna Dimitrieska (2020 NNELL Outstanding Support for Early Language Learning winner)

Elizabeth Bays (2018 AITJ High School Teacher of the Year)

Martha Martin (Global Indiana, 2020 IFLTA Distinguished World Language Advocate)

Teresa Nichols (Indiana Language Roadmap director)

Donna Albrecht (INTESOL)

Israel F. Herrera (2021 IFLTA Pam Gemmer Spring Conference Chair; 2018 AATSP National Teacher of the Year)


Beyond the Boundaries Featured Presenters

Mabel Lamprea

Yulian Martinez-Escobar