Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does this mean for our students/benefits?

For the first time, students will have a document that verifies what they are putting on their college application and/or job application indicating their level of language proficiency. Up until now, because schools all interpret “proficiency” differently, there hasn’t necessarily been a standard of measure like SAT, AP, etc… that any student (including ELs) can simply access to verify their proficiency.

What are the steps/requirements?

There is a checklist listed as the first downloadable document on the website that lists the steps to get started. Going to the website and reading about it is Step #1.

What does it mean to potential colleges or employers?

At this time, no overarching decisions have been decided upon from Indiana’s universities. Those discussions have begun and any developments will be communicated. The hope is that since external assessments that are widely accepted nationally are being utilized to validate proficiency that universities will be able to use it for placement of students.

Is it available for Latin?


How many levels of the language do the students need to have?

Six credits of world language are required in addition to the passing of one of the approved assessments at an Intermediate High level of proficiency on the ACTFL scale. However, if a student has acquired language skills in some other way (i.e. English Learners), the student can use the external assessment as a demonstration of proficiency provided that he/she scores at an Intermediate High level of proficiency or above.

Is there a test?

Yes, the list of approved assessments is on the website.

It seems like one more thing to monitor; why should I (as the teacher) implement this?

First and foremost, as this is a school-wide decision and impacts all students (not just world language students) the data and monitoring aspect should be handled at the school and/or district level. The core reason that teachers get into this profession is to help children learn and grow. This Certificate is a celebration of a student’s ability to meaningfully communicate with speakers of other languages which is at the heart of every world language classroom.

Who awards the seal? The state? Our school? The country?

The Indiana Department of Education will provide the actual “certificate” to schools, but the actually awarding of the certificates is done at the local level.

Who will see the seal?

The Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency will be noted on a student’s transcript so all colleges/universities will see it. In addition, students will have a physical certificate to share with potential employers and any other entity that they feel should have access to it.

• Information from the Department of Education